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Q? How we work together?

A: Refer our website-product page, send us the product description, model no and quantity, we will come back you price and delivery immediately. If you order our OEM/Customise products, send us the drawing or sample for our review before quotation.

Q? Can you provide the complete products and service?

A: Yes, we provide you complete products and service of all the concerned products, if some products we don't produce, we can associate for you to meet your requirements in the largest extent. It is our goal to provide you one-stop service.

Q? What benefits we expect, if we buy from you?

A: China product now has the reputable quality now, you can buy our low price products without compromise on quality. Our efficient work team can provide you the warmest service. The high production ability and quick logistic service can give you quickest delivery.

Q? How is the quality assured?

A: Quality problems usually stem from production process, not from the inspection process itself. To minimize the production problem, all the parts will be inspected during every production process, and with a final inspection prior to shipping.

Q? How long does it take to get a quote?

A: Usually we will response within one day upon the clear requirements.

Q? What data should be provided for quotation requirement?

A: In order to make the quotation in time, please be sure to send us the detailed information of your inquired parts, including the followings:

  • Description and specification of the required parts;

  • Quantity per batch;

  • Destination port;

  • For the customized products, send detailed requirement, provide the sample or drawing if you have;

  • Other special requirements.

Q? Do I need an agent to take care of the shipment?

A: At your request. We can deal with by the term FOB or CIF.

Q? If we have other products in China, can you arrange the shipment together with us?

A: Yes, you can, we are happy to do that for you.

Q? Do you have a minimum order amount?

A: No. We don't have the min. order quantity. We grows up together with our clients. But the lower quantity will share the same fixed costs, we suggest our clients to order the quantity with the weight over one ton or the volume over one cbm.

Q? Are you willing to sign non-disclosure agreements in view of protection of your customers?

A: Yes, to protect clients' intellectual property rights, we will sign non-disclosure agreements upon requests of the customized products.

Q? Besides four categories products in the website, do you also provide other products or process?

A: Yes, we will give the max. help for our clients, wish to grow up together with all of our clients.