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2015 castings production occurred in recent years in China for the first time negative growth

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 27, 2016

According to the statistics of China Foundry Association in 2015, all kinds of casting production of 45.6 million tons in 2014, representing a decline of 1.3%. 1998 casting of China declined after casting production in China has been in a growth trend. 2015 manufacturing environment-affected, casting production in China appeared the first negative growth in recent years.

According to Wen Ping describes, from the perspective of structural changes of casting material: 2015 growth 4.27% aluminum alloy casting, ductile iron castings or 1.61%. Among them, aluminum (mg) alloy casting production ratio of 13.4% (2014 12.7%), nodular cast iron/cast iron =1:1.60 (2014 1:1.68).