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Close monitoring of guarantees "century promise"

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 27, 2016

On September 22, the Maersk company "Clementine" ship test by the new Yangshan deepwater port. The ship is on board container ships in the world's largest ship may contain more than 9,000 containers, deck as long as 3 football fields. At that time, the wind roared, the tide quickly flowing, "Clementine" on the new pier is a great pressure. People look at the ship berthing of new Bank, arms thick cables stretch Princess ring due to wave impact, for the new port can withstand that test made to sweat. However after the test data show that the largest ship in the world docked only centimeters of cylinder of rubber dock bumper plate elastic deformation; bollards and other dock infrastructure, not a shift.

This is just routine port a station reporting one. Yangshan deepwater port first phase project began soon after, headquarters for the entire settlement, displacement and deformation of the wharf and channel the water depth, currents and siltation, that are synchronized closely monitored. Click monitoring "four fixed" norm setting, namely equipment fixed, fixed, fixed, personnel reporting time fixed. Monitoring points in the entire port set a total of 12 monitoring time is for up to 2 years, monitoring results show that the 1600 meters after the completion of the wharf, the displacement for "millimeter", which far exceeds the design criteria of stability; stable channel depth, scour and balanced, fully consistent with the deep water port to accept today's v, the requirements of the sixth generation of large container ships. Such a scientific monitoring, deep-water port in the future sustainable in the long term.