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Maintenance of marine rubber fender products requires careful attention

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Aug 31, 2018

In the shipbuilding industry, since all kinds of fenders need to be installed on both sides of the ship when they are on the ship, basically for the tool materials, the shipping company will also purchase a large quantity for spare use, and for these marine rubbers. The storage of fender products has a lot of storage conditions that everyone should pay attention to.

For example, the first thing to note is that these products should be placed in a safe room, because rubber is a material that is prone to cracking problems when exposed to the sun, so be careful not to put it directly in the open air, especially When you put indoors, you should also pay attention to letting the sun shine, but everyone should also pay attention to the weather, such as rain and snow, should also pay attention to and protect.

In the maintenance of marine rubber fender products, we should also pay attention to not let it come into contact with some corrosive substances, such as strong acid, alkali, oil, etc., which will easily hurt To rubber, so everyone needs to avoid it.

To say that these methods are not able to directly destroy the fender products, then you can also choose to use remote destruction, so that you can achieve a better environmental protection, but also enable people to have better in this respect. confirm.