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Pier of Nanjing Xiba port area phase IV expansion project successfully completed

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 27, 2016

On August 20, the third harbour Bureau in three companies Xiba port of Nanjing Xiba port area four-phase extension project of terminal operation area was successfully completed. This is Nanjing three terminals of the Terminal under construction in the completion of the first main part of the project.

The project is located in Nanjing Xiba port, close to the Nanjing chemical industrial park, the terminal platforms with a total length of 279m, pile length 246m, width 20m, for the whole structure, using bent piled beam-slab structure. Total of 4 structures, using cantilever structure segments. Row spacing is 8M, each row set up two straight piles (1000mmPHC pipe piles), two pairs of fork post (800PHC pipe piles); Terminal elevation middle of mud below the -10m structure, pile by 800mmPHC pipe pile to adjust for 1000mmPHC pipe piles. Pile in-situ beams, superstructures for prefabricated stringers, laminated panels, cast wear of surface layers and in-situ.