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What are the characteristics of inflatable rubber fenders?

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 20, 2018


rubber fenders have the following features

   1, the suction energy is large, the reaction force is small, thus guarantees not to injure the hull and does not damage the bank wall.
2. It is easy to install and portable. In any ship, any water area is not affected by the tide and the size of the ship.
3, Resilience is good, the product will not be deformed due to stress after the product is stressed, after the pneumatic fender is squeezed, the force will be released more than 98% to restore the original shape.
4. The economic performance is good, and the inflation fender (relying on the ball) is lower than that of the same, and the price of the beet fender is relatively low and the economic performance is good. reliable quality. Bey fenders are undergoing layer inspections to ensure their quality from raw material procurement, product order placement, product production, and product inspection.
5. The angle should make up for the fact that when the ship is docked, it must have a certain degree of pride. The inflatable fender can fully exert its performance, achieve slanting contact, and increase the safety factor.
Inflatable fenders (balls) are widely used in wharfs, docks, tankers, cargo ships, offshore platforms, warships, military harbors, buoys, maritime cargo handling, marine pipeline plugging, etc. Products have been approved by CCS DNV GL LR Classification Society. Stable quality, perfect after-sales service, reasonable prices, so that every customer satisfaction. Products used to know the quality of excellent, and Qingdao Bate to join hands in creating a win-win integrity!