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Advantages And Classification Of Polyurethane Fenders

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Solid polyurethane floating fenders are made of environmentally friendly materials and new polymeric materials with adjustable high modulus of elasticity. The high strength, high elasticity, high adhesion and maximum penetration and aging resistance of the excellent materials are finally realized. The design life and economic value of the structure itself. Solid polyurethane floating fender, also known as foam-filled fender (by ball), is a floating fender system that uses lightweight high-elastic foam as a buffering medium and is superior to inflatable fenders. It is widely used in ports, offshore and shipboards. Boat work.


1. With floating performance, the installation position is not affected by tidal range

2. It does not need to be inspected, inflated, not afraid of scratching, not afraid of friction, seawater resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and has a service life of 10-15 years. It is maintenance-free.

3. No blasting hazard, will be safe

4. Has better energy absorption performance, and lower reaction performance. When the compression is 60%, the reaction force is obvious from small to large, and the absorption energy is extremely high.

5. Product specifications are manufactured according to needs, and the specifications are the largest in the ship's fenders.

6. The exterior of the fender can be applied in various colors, the product is smooth and beautiful, and the logo is obvious.

7. Chain hanging, easy to install, easy to move, chain tires freely choose, increase the life of the fender