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Analysis Of Mould Fabrication

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Mold is a precision machinery products, it is mainly composed of mechanical parts and institutions, such as forming parts, guide parts, support parts, positioning parts and feeding agencies, core pulling agencies, such as the introduction of institutions. Mold and the corresponding forming equipment (such as punch, plastic injection machine, die-casting machine, etc.) supporting the use of metal or non-metallic materials can directly change the shape, size, relative position and performance, so that the formation of qualified parts. Mould Fabrication

There are many specific types of molds, commonly used are: according to the form of mold points, die can be divided into single-mode, composite die, progressive die, etc .; plastic mold can be divided into single-type plastic mold, Mold and so on. According to the process of quality points, die can be divided into punching die, blanking mold, drawing die, bending mold; plastic mold can be divided into compression mold, injection mold, injection mold and so on.Mould Fabrication Although a lot of the type of die, but any one of the die by the upper and lower mold two parts. The upper mold is mounted on the slider of the press by means of a die or upper mold base, which can be moved up and down with the slider, is the active part of the die; the lower mold is fixed on the press table or pad by the lower mold base, Of the fixed part.Mould Fabrication

Working principle: the work, the material along the guide pins 14,20 sent to the block pin 13 positioning, start the press, the mold with the slider down movement, with a sharp edge of the punching punch 1, blanking die 2 together with the male and female die 16 through the strip to make the workpiece and punching waste and strip separation to complete the punching work.When the drive is driven up, the discharge device will remove the strip on the male and female molds, and the push-in device will be pushed between the blanking die and the punching punch (that is, the hoop on the punch punch) And the punching waste material stuck in the male and female molds is pushed down from the male and female molds by the punching punch during the primary punching process. Will be pushed down in the mold above the parts removed after the next punching cycle.Mould Fabrication