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Application Of Pneumatic Fender In Overall Design

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

is divided into the frame and body synthesis of the bearing type and the frame and the body of the two types of non-load. The sedan was the first car to be produced, and it began with a wood-framed wagon body, made by hand. In the 1920s, due to the development of stamping welding technology and deep drawing sheet technology, car body manufacturing entered a lot of production stage and changed to thin steel plate structure.Pneumatic Fender 

In order to reduce the weight, some have used aluminum or FRP to make body parts or panels, plastic decorative parts and unstructured parts.Pneumatic Fender

Improved car body design, by using the airflow law to reduce the resistance and the lifting force, to eliminate or reduce the air vortex formed around the car body, to improve the car's economy and high-speed driving stability, according to the distribution of airflow pressure on the body surface to determine the best location and shape of the gas and vent openings, And the shape of the rear of the car that reduces dust deposition and reduces air resistance.Pneumatic Fender 

In order to save energy, it is necessary to lighten the body weight and improve the stiffness. In general, the body is not designed with the experience method, but the static stress analysis and deformation analysis of the ﹑ are carried out by using the finite element method and similar method.Pneumatic Fender

Each end of the pump body is provided with a front cover and a rear cover, the pump body is provided with a drive spindle and a two drive shaft, and a pair of active working gears and a passive working gear are respectively arranged on two drive shafts, and the front pressure compensation plate and the back pressure compensation plate are respectively installed on both sides of the working gear.Pneumatic Fender 

The characteristic is: in the pressure compensation plate and the working gear contact the end surface has a layer of end surface ceramic layer. This high-pressure water pump in the mining, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, underwater operations, food processing, metallurgy and high-pressure cleaning and fire equipment can be used, the cost than the general high-pressure pump 1-2 times lower. Has good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and improve the water capacity of the medium.Pneumatic Fender