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Application Range Of Pattern Conveyor Belt

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

            Conveyor belts, also known as transport belts, are used in belt conveyor belts to carry and transport materials acting on rubber and fiber, metal composite products, or plastic and fabric composite products. Conveyor belts are widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel and other industries in a short distance transport, small transportation.

             Pipeline metal transmission mesh belt, heat treatment furnace high-temperature resistance mesh belt, stainless steel mesh belt, conveyor belt, tunnel kiln network belt, Great Wall mesh belt, drying mesh belt, coating equipment mesh belt, spraying equipment mesh belt, cleaning machine mesh belt, Food Network belt, food cleaning conveyor chain plate; stainless steel chain plate, herringbone mesh belt, double rotary energy-saving mesh belt, fuel injection cooling mesh belt, B-shaped mesh belt, baffle conveyor belt, chain conveyor belt, fruit and vegetable cleaning mesh belt, quick-frozen machine chain network, single freezing machine chain network, quick-frozen horseshoe type NET chain Vegetable dehydration Pipeline equipment dedicated conveyor chain network.

           1, Food and biscuit industry: mesh belt, cooling oil spraying machine mesh belt, flat bending machine mesh belt, chocolate coating machine B-shaped mesh belt. At the same time, the production of biscuit machinery, egg-spraying machine B-type mesh belt and meat transport B-type network belt, imported machine ultra-thin energy-saving mesh belt. 2, instant noodles and rice noodle industry, steaming and cooked mesh belt, fried box, drying hanging box, cut silk knife, knife comb, face knife, face comb, support shaft, molding box and so on. 3, all kinds of frozen food, vegetable dehydration pipeline equipment with stainless steel flat-top chain. Chip chain, conveyor chain, mesh belt, support shaft, etc. 4, glass annealing furnace mesh belt, baking furnace mesh belt, bottle conveyor mesh belt, mosaic mesh belt, specifications have crankshaft type, straight shaft type, diamond, double stranded spiral type. Materials have A3 low-carbon steel, DCY13 heat-resisting heat, Icy18n, steel, Oor18n acid-resistant heat-resisting steel and so on. High-temperature furnace conveyor belt general use of material 310S, 314, high temperature up to 1100 Shan.Pattern Conveyor Belt

             Also known as Teflon conveyor belt,-conveyor belt, PTFE conveyor belt and high temperature conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt teflon mesh conveyor belt and Teflon high-temperature cloth Two kinds, both are based on fiberglass cloth coated Teflon resin, made of Teflon (PTFE) conveyor belt fabric; in which Teflon mesh conveyor belt to mesh size to define specifications, mainly 1 X 1mm, 2x2.5MM, 4x4mm, 10 X 10mm and other mesh holes, And according to the different points of warp and weft sheeting and double weft Teflon mesh conveyor belt; Teflon high-temperature cloth is the thickness to distinguish the specifications, the thinnest up to 0.08MM.Pattern Conveyor Belt

             Teflon conveyor belt with mesh hole easy to breathable characteristics, so widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing drying guide belt, screen printing, ultraviolet drying, UV series, optical solid machine, offset press, loose dryer, non-woven drying machine, high frequency dryer, food baking machine guide belt, temperature-controlled drying room, the rapid drying of solvent-based inks and general moisture items such as drying equipment.Pattern Conveyor Belt