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Brief Introduction Of Precision Investment Casting Technology

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

            Precision Casting is a casting method relative to the traditional casting process, which can obtain relatively accurate shape and high casting precision. The more common practice is: first make the required blanks (the left margin is very small or leave no margin) of the electrode, and then use the electrode to corrode the mold body, forming a cavity.Precision Investment Casting

            Then cast the wax to obtain the original wax mold. In the wax mold on a layer of high temperature-resistant liquid sand. After getting enough thickness to dry, then heating, so that the internal wax mold dissolved, to obtain the same type of blanks as required. Again in the mold cavity casting molten iron, after curing the shell will be stripped off, you can obtain precision manufactured products.Precision Investment Casting

            The lost wax method casting is now called investment casting precision casting, is a kind of less cutting or no cutting process, is a casting industry's excellent technology, its application is very extensive. It is not only suitable for all kinds of casting of various kinds of alloys, but also produces castings of precision, surface quality than other casting methods, and even other casting methods are difficult to cast complex, high temperature, not easy to process castings, can be used in investment casting precision casting.

           Investment casting is developed on the basis of ancient wax mold casting. As an ancient civilization, China is one of the earliest countries to use this technology, far away from BC hundreds of years, the ancient people of China has created this kind of lost wax casting technology, used to cast a variety of fine patterns and text zhongding and utensils, such as the spring and autumn of the Yi Tomb, such as the plate. Once Hou tomb of the base for a number of intertwined dragon, they are connected to each other, the upper and lower staggered, forming the Middle hollow multi-layer moire pattern, these patterns with ordinary casting process is difficult to create, and using the lost wax method casting process, can use the paraffin wax no strength, easy to carve the characteristic, with the ordinary tool can carve out with the Yi Tomb to get the same wax material handicraft, then add the pouring system, paint, dewaxing, pouring, can get exquisite Yi Tomb Zun.Precision Investment Casting