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Components Of Mould Fabrication

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Mold is a precision mechanical products, it is mainly composed of mechanical parts and institutions, such as forming working parts, guide parts, supporting parts, positioning parts and feeding mechanism, core-pulling mechanism, such as the introduction of institutions. Mold and the corresponding forming equipment (such as punching machine, plastic injection machine, die-casting machines, etc.), can directly change the shape of metal or non-metallic materials, size, relative position and performance, so that the formation of a qualified workpiece.Mould Fabrication Generally speaking, the mold can be divided into two categories: metal material parts forming molds, such as die, forging die, die-casting mold, and so on; non-metallic materials parts forming molds, such as plastic injection mold, die casting and pressure injection mold, rubber parts, glass parts and ceramic workpiece forming molds. The specific classification methods of molds are many, commonly used are: according to the form of mold structure, punching die can be divided into single process die, compound die, progressive die, etc. plastic mold can be divided into single type surface plastic mold, two-point plastic mold, etc. According to the nature of the process, punching die can be divided into punching die, blanking die, drawing mold, bending die, plastic mold can be divided into compression mold, pressure injection mold, injection mold and so on.Mould Fabrication

Although there are many types of stamping dies, any one of the stamping dies is made up of two parts, the upper die and the lower die. The upper die is mounted on the sliding block of the press by a mold handle or a upper die seat, which can move up and down with the slider, and is the active part of the die, and the lower die is fixed on the press worktable or the plate by the lower die seat, which is the fixed part of the die. When the slip is driven upward, the unloading device will be removed from the strip on the concave and convex die, and the push piece device will be pushed on the lower die surface between the blanking die and the punch punch (that is, the hoop is on the punch punch). And the punching scrap in the concave-convex die is rolled out from the concave and convex die in the punching process in successive blanking. After the workpiece which is pushed down on the lower mould is removed, the next stamping cycle can be carried out.Mould Fabrication