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Development Trend Of YT Conveyor Parts Automation

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

    Start and stop, the conveyor should generally start under no-load conditions. In the sequential installation of several belt conveyors, should be used to lock the starting device, in order to control the room through a certain order to start and stop. In addition, in order to prevent accidents, each conveyor should also set the local start or stop button, you can stop any one. In order to prevent the conveyor belt from being torn longitudinally for some reason, when the conveyor length exceeds 30 m, a stop button should be installed at a certain distance (eg 25-30 m) along the length of the conveyor.  At present, China's transport machinery products are basically complete industry categories, variety variety, product technology, high school middle and low coexistence. New technology, new technology and new equipment in the actual production have been the user's praise. Manufacturing continues to use advanced manufacturing technology, but there is still a phased overall gap compared to industrialized countries.YT Conveyor Part Industrial developed countries widely used computer management, attention to the organization and management system, the production model of the update development, launched on time production, agile manufacturing, lean production, parallel engineering and other new management ideas and automated transportation machinery technology. Only a few large enterprises in our country have adopted computer-aided management, and most small enterprises are still in the stage of experience management.YT Conveyor Part  Manufacturing process. Industrial developed countries more widely used high-precision machining, fine processing, micro-processing, micro-machinery and micron / nano-technology, laser processing technology, electromagnetic processing technology, super-plastic processing technology and composite processing technology and other new processing methods. Advanced automated transmission equipment technology trends, globalization. On the one hand, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the international and domestic markets, such as in the machinery manufacturing industry, there are many enterprises at home and abroad, and even high-profile enterprises, in this ruthless competition have lost Of the collapse, and some mergers. On the other hand, the rapid development of network communication technology to promote the enterprise towards both the direction of competition and cooperation, this development has further intensified the international market competition. The interaction of these two causes has become the driving force behind the development of the global manufacturing industry. The first technology foundation of globalization is networked, and the network communication technology enables the globalization of manufacturing.YT Conveyor Part