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Hydraulic Valve Casting Cylinder Seal

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 15, 2017

Hydraulic Valve Casting The sealing function of hydraulic valve casting seal ring, hydraulic transmission is the use of liquid pressure to transmit power. In the hydraulic system and the hydraulic valve casting SEAL RING product, the sealing device is used to prevent the leakage of the working medium and the invasion of external dust and foreign bodies. The merits of the sealing device will directly affect the performance of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Valve Casting If the hydraulic cylinder seal is not good, will cause inside and outside the leakage serious, the leakage can cause the work medium waste, pollute the machine and the environment, even cause the mechanical operation malfunction and the equipment personal accident. Internal leakage can cause the hydraulic system volume efficiency drops sharply, can not reach the required work pressure, not even work. Therefore, the hydraulic seal is very important in the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Valve Casting HYDRAULIC VALVE Casting SEALING ring can be used to prevent oil leakage and external gas, dust and other intrusive hydraulic system. Of course, the hydraulic cylinder to achieve absolute seal is impossible. Because the piston rod reciprocating movement, always bring out the oil. However, this leakage requires minimal as far as possible. Conversely, if the piston rod reciprocating movement, do not bring out the slightest oil, the piston rod in dry friction, but will affect the hydraulic cylinder work performance and life.

Hydraulic Valve Casting HYDRAULIC VALVE Casting SEALING ring and sealing device is an important part of hydraulic equipment. The reliability and service life of the hydraulic valve casting sealing ring are an important index to measure the quality of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Valve Casting Common troubles and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic valve casting:

One, the electrical control box display faults.

Common electrical breakdown has the following

1, Hydraulic Valve Casting open valve time timeout;

Workaround: Check that the main valve open stroke switch is pressed, or the valve has not opened.

2, Hydraulic Valve Casting shut the valve time out;

Solution: Check the main valve all off the stroke switch is not pressed, or the valve is closed.

3, Hydraulic Valve Casting oil pump overload;

Solution: After the heat restoration, and check the pump and motor to find out the cause of overload.

4, Hydraulic Valve Casting open, shut and stop valve three signals with two signal input;

Workaround: Check if the switch button is damaged or if there is a circuit short-circuit.

5, Hydraulic Valve Casting four stroke switches with two signal input;

Workaround: Check if there is a stroke switch not to eject the phenomenon.

6, Hydraulic Valve Casting low voltage and high voltage switch two signals simultaneously input;

Solution: Low voltage open high voltage switch pressure range is correct, or change the pressure switch.

7, Hydraulic Valve Casting the linkage open valve and the shutoff valve have two signals simultaneously input;

Workaround: Check whether the knob switch is damaged or if there is a circuit short-circuit.

8, Hydraulic Valve Casting the side valve overload;

Solution: 1, the side valve switch signal may not be adjusted in place, resulting in the side valve to reach the full open/off, the stroke switch still no pressure, the side valve stroke switch to adjust in place. 2, check whether the side valves are stuck.