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Hydraulic Valve Casting Of The Assembly Description

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

     Hydraulic valve structure and principle, hydraulic valve is the hydraulic pressure to open and close and adjust the valve structure unit, working medium for hydraulic oil. Hydraulic valves are composed of three parts: control, power and actuator. The control part of the hydraulic valve refers to a variety of valves, such as pressure control valves, flow control valves, directional control valves and electrical control systems, and the control part is driven by the actuation operation.Hydraulic Valve Casting

     The power part of the hydraulic valve mainly includes the electric motor, the pneumatic motor, the hydraulic pump and the fuel tank and so on, the electric motor, the pneumatic motor operation produces the effective power, through the power part transforms into the fluid pressure, transmits to the execution mechanism and realizes for the control part the movement, namely the valve opening or Hydraulic valve actuator is divided into hydraulic cylinder actuator and hydraulic motor actuator, the two actuators are structurally different, the former structure is suitable for reciprocating linear motion, the latter is suitable for the realization of slewing motion. The different control parts of the hydraulic valves should be matched with the appropriate actuator.Hydraulic Valve Casting

    The use of hydraulic valves, the operation of hydraulic valves must be coupled with the hydraulic transmission system, that is, the laying of special pipelines, so the common working environment less use of hydraulic valves. In general, the hydraulic valve in the sewage treatment, petrochemical, natural gas and mineral slurry treatment in a wide range of use, with the liquid signal device, can achieve remote automation, centralized control.Hydraulic Valve Casting

    Casting: is to melt the metal into a certain requirements of the liquid and poured into the mold, after cooling solidification, clearing treatment of the predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting process. The basic technology of modern machinery manufacturing industry.Hydraulic Valve Casting