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Hydraulic Valve Casting Throttle Valve

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

The pressure control valve is divided into overflow valve ﹑ and sequential valve by use. Overflow valve: Can control the hydraulic system to maintain the fixed state when the pressure is reached. The overflow valve used for overload protection is called a safety valve.Hydraulic Valve Casting 

When the system fails and the pressure is elevated to a limit that may cause damage, the orifice opens and overflows to ensure the safety of the system. Pressure relief valve: can control the branch loop to get lower than the main circuit of the stability of oil pressures. The pressure relief valve according to its control function is different, can be divided into the fixed value pressure reducing valve (output pressure to the fixed value) ﹑ differential pressure reducing valve (input and output press difference is fixed value) and the fixed ratio relief valve (input and output pressure to maintain a certain proportion).Hydraulic Valve Casting Throttle valve: After adjusting the throttle area, the movement speed of the actuator which can make the load pressure change little and the motion uniformity requirement is basically stable. Speed control valve: In the load pressure changes can maintain the throttle valve import and export pressure difference is fixed value. In this way, after the throttle area is adjusted, no matter how the load pressure changes, the speed control valve can maintain the flow through the throttle valve, so that the movement speed of the actuator is stable.Hydraulic Valve Casting

Set flow valve: The effect is opposite to the shunt valve, the flow into the flow valve is proportionally distributed. Shunt set-flow valve: Both shunt and set-flow valve functions. Directional control valves are divided into two-way and reversing valves. Check valve: Only allow the fluid in the pipeline one-way connection, reverse is cut. Reversing valve: Changing the ﹑ break relationship between different pipelines ﹑ according to the valve core in the valve body working position number of two ﹑ three; according to the number of channels controlled two-pass ﹑ Tee ﹑ four-pass ﹑ five-pass, etc. according to the valve core driving mode, manual ﹑ motor ﹑ Electric ﹑ liquid movement and so on.Hydraulic Valve Casting