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Inflatable Fender Adjust Tire Pressure

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 10, 2017

Inflatable Fender Tire upgrades, the most important thing is to ensure that the hub by the same, because the external changes will produce too much error rate meter readings. All in all, it is recommended that the change in the tire's outer circumference should be kept within 3%. However, it is more important than the change in the external circumference to avoid changes in the dynamic weight radius (the tire radius is the effective tire radius when the tire is actually mounted on the motor vehicle)

Note: Reducing the height of the tire may affect the anti-lock braking system and the Automotive Electronic Stability Program Control System

Make sure that the tires do not protrude out of the fender or touch the car body and other suspension system components.


Inflatable Fender When the vehicle is under load-bearing load, make sure that the tire and the body are not in contact to avoid tire damage and potential tire discouragement.

When the car is running, a sudden tire bleak may take control of the car.

Tire Upgrade Suggestion Warnings 4: Other aspects that require warning

When the tire type or size of the transformation, the driving vehicle must be careful, until you slowly adjust to adapt to changes in motor vehicle performance so far.

Avoid using a variety of types, height and size hubs (except spare tires) on the same axle, as performance differences can lead to an accident.

Tire inflatable pressure

Adjust tire pressure according to vehicle usage.

Inflatable Fender Determine whether the axle load required by the vehicle's use condition exceeds the axle load

Offset: The distance between the rim mounting surface and the rim centerline on the center cross section of the rim. Is to determine the installation of the wheel, the wheel and the fender and the inside of the suspension between the important value of the gap.