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Laser Inspection Of Pattern Conveyor Belt

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Laser pattern embossing production line process is in the printed surface, full or partial coating of varnish, the preformed laser film pressed on top of it, after curing stereotypes, will be pressed in the above laser film peeling The In this way, the surface of the printed material formed on the surface of the coating can be consistent with the laser film holographic pattern, from different angles, can show a different pattern, giving a new beauty. White cardboard through the production line after processing the effect of not less than gold, silver cardboard, glass cardboard and so on.Pattern Conveyor Belt

This process is different from the laser stamping foil hot stamping process, laser stamping foil can only be used once, the carrier substrate can not be reused. And the laser pattern embossing process used in the laser film after imprinting itself still retains the laser pattern, like the laser film on the pattern "copy" to the same print. Set the unwinding and rewinding of two stations, unwinding out of the transparent laser film after imprinting, with the printed material stripped, and then rewound. In the unwinding of the location of the laser film unwinding, you can re-roll up the membrane volume to the unwinding position, without any treatment can be reused.Pattern Conveyor Belt

Laser film can be reused nearly 20 times, after the use of the laser film is finally wrapped into a roll, you can carry out the recycling of plastic raw materials. Which will not produce waste plastics, in line with environmental requirements, but also effectively reduce the printing costs.Pattern Conveyor Belt

For the first use of the laser film is also barely able to detect, but in order to repeatedly use it is impossible. In the unremitting efforts and repeated tests, the mechanical finally finally overcome this problem, the use of image analyzers, transmission compensation institutions to avoid the success of the laser film version of the seam, so that the mechanical performance on a more level. At the same time, imprint transfer production line production speed is also increasing, without jumping in the case, the maximum printing speed can reach 8,000 / hour.Pattern Conveyor Belt