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Material Structure Of Mould Fabrication

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Because the structure layer of this material is very thin, only 20μm, so the product can be completely sintered. It is believed that this material and metal laser direct sintering technology can help the injection mold manufacturing industry to produce fine core and cavity inserts at lower cost. "It seems to me that many die makers are not adopting the technology at the moment because most people think they are the best to make the mold core and the mold cavity in the way they used to be." ”Mould Fabrication

In the manufacturing process of injection mold, the use of typical EDM equipment (EDM) for welding is relatively popular, and wire cutting in the rapid prototyping die manufacturing is also increasing. To this, explained: "The use of wire cutting can help us to save time, that is, we use wire cutting to cut out the cavity, and the finer parts such as inlays are processed using the DMLS process.Mould Fabrication

The filler will shorten the life of the injection mold. With the increasing dosage of filler in injection molding, the problem of corrosion and wear of the mould is increasingly highlighted. And for the mold to increase the coating, such as Nicklon (a nickel-PTFE coating) and nibore (nickel-boron nitride) can play a very good protective effect. At the same time, these coatings are very cheap compared with expensive plastic lubricating additives.Mould Fabrication

High-speed milling machining Not only has the advantages of higher processing speed and good machining precision and surface quality, and compared with the traditional cutting process has a low temperature rise (processing workpiece only up to 3 ℃), small thermal deformation, thus suitable for temperature and thermal deformation sensitive materials (such as magnesium alloy, etc.) processing;Mould Fabrication 

Due to the small cutting force, can be applied to thin-walled and rigid parts processing, reasonable selection of cutting tools and cutting dosage, can be achieved hard material (HRC60) processing a series of advantages. Therefore, high-speed milling technology is still a hot topic, it has been to a higher level of agility, intelligence, integration of the direction of development, as the third generation of molding technology.Mould Fabrication