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Mechanical Structure Of Fabricated Steel Elevator Bucket

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Elevator traction wire rope tension tester is a new type of wire rope tester. The display of the instrument is intuitive, stable and easy to operate. It can meet the requirements of elevator drag rope tension balance detection, effectively prolong the service life of elevator traction wheel and wire rope, and improve the stability of elevator operation. The measurement principle, instrument composition, test method and error analysis of the tester are described.Fabricated Steel Elevator Bucket

It is important to ensure the tension of the traction wheel of the elevator and the smoothness of the elevator operation. At present, the use of spring dynamometer and steel ruler backward measurement method. The lack of this measurement method is inconvenient reading, the error is large. For this I have developed a new type of elevator traction rope tension tester, effectively reducing the overall error.Fabricated Steel Elevator Bucket

Measuring principle: Elevator traction wire rope tension tester for the two ends of the support, the middle of the bridge structure, the rope can be converted into the tension of the sensor pressure, indirect measurement of the tension of the wire rope. The sensor can be reused, and can be measured in accordance with the requirements of a variety of specifications wire rope tension. The sensor is a specially designed bridge sensor, made of alloy steel. Taking into account the elevator traction wire rope force is small, so the sensor rated load can not be too large, and the spacing between the wire rope is small, taking into account the state does not affect the adjacent wire rope, so to ensure that the sensor shape comparison Small size.Fabricated Steel Elevator Bucket

In addition traction elevator traction rope generally have 3 to 5, each elevator at least twice, in order to be able to grip easy to improve work efficiency, the choice of easy to plug the plug. Propulsion device selection of spiral scale, and the main and sub-scale of the points, to improve the accuracy of the scale readings.Fabricated Steel Elevator Bucket