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Method Of Transmission Device For YT Conveyor Part

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

     The operation Tensioning winch of belt conveyor tensioning winch is to tighten the conveying belt of the work. When the conveyor belt is loose, a tensioning winch should be used to tighten the conveyor belt. The specific method is: the clutch should be engaged with the roller pin, so that the roller is connected with the drive shaft. In order to form a motor one-wheel gear one worm-worm one middle shaft one pinion one big gear one drive shaft one clutch (gear clutch in the meshing state) a tube of such a transmission system.YT Conveyor Part

    Using worm gear transmission, with self-locking function, so when the motor does not transfer torque to the mechanism, there will be no loose rope phenomenon. When the operation needs to loosen the conveyor belt, do not release the clutch, the motor should be reversed, loosen the wire rope. Then stop the motor, open the clutch and slowly loosen the conveyor belt. The purpose of this paper is to prevent the tension of the tensioning trolley and the stripping of the wire rope on the pulley.YT Conveyor Part

    The operation of a moving tail device shall be the first part of the conveying belt (including the conveyor longitudinal beam, h frame, conveyor belt idler, such as the removal of the need to remove the tail of the distance, the use of hydraulic equipment, in the direction of the movement in front of the prop to brace, the mobile tail with the end of the ring chain fixed YT Conveyor Part

    The other end is connected with the front end of the hydraulic jack dedicated to the tail of the mobile machine, the other end of the jack is attached to the tail of the conveyor, and the piston rod should be all out. Back to shrink the piston rod, drive the tail of the machine forward. So the reciprocating loops until the pull is in place.YT Conveyor Part

    Extension or shortening of the fuselage of belt conveyor the retractable belt conveyor can extend or shrink the distance of the whole machine through the extension or shortening of the fuselage 0 when the forward-type tunneling, the belt conveyor fuselage needs to lengthen unceasingly, when as the back type coal mining, the belt conveyor fuselage needs to shorten unceasingly, guarantees the normal work the need.YT Conveyor Part