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Mould Fabrication Process

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

     The appearance surface is the surface which forms the basic shape characteristic of the mold part. Generally, the appearance surface is the outer surface of the die part, which mostly consists of a rectangular body consisting of a plane or a rotating body consisting of a cylindrical surface and a conical surface, and sometimes a two-D surface and a three-dimensional surface.Mould Fabrication

     The forming surface is the surface that directly determines the shape, size and accuracy of the product parts in the mould and the related surface which is coordinated with these surfaces. For example, blanking die, convex mold working surface and the work surface coordination related to the discharge plate, fixed plate, such as hole surface. The forming surface of the bending die punch shown in Fig. 7-3 refers to two-dimensional surfaces composed of R4.8, R7.8, 86°, 33°, etc. Mould Fabrication

    Generally, the shape of the forming surface is more complex, the dimension precision is higher and the surface roughness value is smaller, and the heat treatment requirement is more, the consistency and coordination of the forming surface of each related part have strict requirements. The processing of forming surface is one of the key points and difficulties in the work of die.Mould Fabrication

    The structure surface refers to the surface which plays the role of positioning, guiding, spacing, limiting, connecting and driving in the mould. The surface of the two cylindrical pins of the bending die punch shown in Fig. 7-3 is a structural surface, which is a locating and fixing surface connected to the die handle.Mould Fabrication

    The structure surface in the mold, to ensure the relative size and location of the various parts of the accuracy of the joint and mutual movement of the reliability plays a very important role. The shape of the surface of the structure is various, and different parts of the material and heat treatment requirements are not the same. In the process arrangement, according to the role of each part structure surface and other related parts of the relationship between treatment.Mould Fabrication