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Mould Fabrication Quality Requirements

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

   Mold manufacturers should strengthen the management of enterprises. Improve the quality of the product. Focus on the market research above. Have their own ideas and opinions. Can not blindly pursue the imitation. So that some companies can not compete. The price of the mold will naturally get warming.

Slope mold processing of mold steel material hardness is high, the demand for mold processing equipment with thermal stability, high reliability. For the complex cavity and multi-functional composite mold, with the shape of the complex parts, it is necessary to improve the design of the mold level, a variety of trench, a variety of raw materials in a set of molds or assembled into a multi-functional composite mold , On the need for large processing program programming procedures, with deep hole induction cutting and high stability, improve the processing difficulty.Mould Fabrication

    The fine processing of the mold makes the processing equipment more efficient and more attention. High-speed milling with the processing of high hard data, processing a smooth, cutting force is small, the workpiece temperature deformation and many other advantages of the mold company to pay more attention to high-speed processing.

Injection mold processing industry in the current market more and more diversified under the premise, but also continue to develop broaden, there have been such as multi-color injection molding, gas-assisted, in-mold film, a total injection molding and other new technology. Also in the slope slope mold specifications, but also to the two directions - large tonnage of the mold machine and micro-machinery are constantly upgrading.Mould Fabrication

    In recent years, the demand for micro-products more and more, both the electronics industry, watch industry or military industry, there are a large number of small mold demand, the injection molding products in the size and accuracy requirements are very high

    Technology to enhance the mold industry in China has a wide range of mold gradually occupy their own position. At the same time with China's slope slope mold product quality and so on to enhance the domestic mold industry has become the focus of the world.The market has also been transferred to over. In the future development of the industry, technological innovation is the main technology upgrade is necessary.This is the industry's rapid development and market demand in the most important conditions. China's mold industry, although the late start late for a long time to low-end products as the main, but with the gradual transformation of the industry's new opportunities have been placed in front of. Technology is always the mainstream trend in the industry.Mould Fabrication

    The enterprise's innovative ability is generally low, can introduce independent intellectual property rights of new technologies, new products, poor business, leading to slow development of brick technology. The results of knowledge are not effectively transformed into real productive forces. At present, R & D and innovation in the field of mold processing are mainly dependent on colleges and universities and scientific research institutes. Because of the disjunction with enterprises, the result of knowledge is difficult to effectively transform into the enterprise's productivity.

Therefore, for the domestic slope protection mold manufacturing enterprises, not only from the brick-making process on the fundamental transformation, but also a comprehensive, multi-level energy-saving technological transformation.

   Mold manufacturing means and technology is not every enterprise has and master. In the choice of collaboration manufacturers must understand its processing capacity, not only to see the hardware equipment, but also with the management level, processing experience and technical strength.

   Mold in addition to good or bad in addition to look at the mold itself, but also to see the mold with the processing of the product is not qualified.