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Pattern Conveyor Belt Improvement And Effect

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

  The conveyor belt is made of elastomer and reinforced frame material, which is the key function of belt conveyor. The development of the conveyor belt is inseparable from the improvement of the performance of the skeleton material, and its fracture strength, extension characteristics, elasticity, rigidity and toughness, dimensional stability are all closely related to the performance of the skeleton material. Therefore, the study of the properties of the skeleton material is extremely important. This article mainly from the fiber raw materials and organizational structure to introduce the conveyor belt with the development of the status quo and trends.Pattern Conveyor Belt

    Production of raw materials in the conveyor belt with fiber skeleton materials mainly nylon 6, nylon 66, polyester, polyester - nylon and aramid, etc., of which nylon 66 and polyester consumption, aramid just enter the application stage. China's conveyor belt fabric with core material mainly polyester, nylon and cotton.

Fiber properties Fiber material is the basis of the conveyor belt skeleton material, the traditional fiber material is cotton fiber, modern fiber materials are synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester and aramid fiber.

Cotton fiber cotton fiber is the first fiber for the production of conveyor belt material.Pattern Conveyor Belt

    Cotton fiber is a natural short fiber, made with the conveyor belt flexibility and cheap. But the strength of cotton fiber is low, not high temperature, at 120 when the strong decline of 35%, high temperature and rubber adhesive properties decreased at 160 when the adhesive with rubber only 1N mm - 1 or so; and cotton fiber corrosion , Fatigue life is short, can not produce high-strength zone, mainly used for short-distance transport of small pieces, powder-like material conveyor belt, so the application of cotton fiber gradually reduced. Cotton fiber conveyor belt in the developed countries have been eliminated, but in China there is a certain amount of cotton fiber, in the overall flame-retardant core will also use cotton fiber.

    Nylon fiber (polyamide) in the conveyor belt in the application of nylon fiber is mainly nylon 6 and nylon 66, both the physical properties of similar, but the nylon 66 has a higher melting point, good heat resistance, and therefore more widely used. Nylon fiber has good fatigue resistance, good abrasion resistance, high breaking strength, good elasticity and resistance to compression tear, but because of its small modulus, the longitudinal fixed load elongation is large, which causes the conveyor belt to run long, so pure nylon fiber The fabric is used in conveyor belts for short distances and where elasticity is required. Nylon fibers are suitable for use as conveyor belt fabric weft material, can give the conveyor belt with good impact resistance and tear resistance, easy to slot, can improve the conveyor conveyor capacity.

    Polyester fiber (polyester) polyester fiber breaking strength and elasticity and nylon fiber approximation, but the modulus is higher than twice the nylon fiber, polyester fiber heat resistance is good, good elasticity, creep is small, is the conveyor belt The ideal skeleton material. In China's existing fabric with core material, the largest amount of polyester. Made of polyester conveyor belt with high modulus, elongation, impact resistance, and is mainly used for conveying long distance, requiring dimensional stability of the conveyor belt is good, is the current domestic fabric conveyor belt with the main fiber Direction of development.Pattern Conveyor Belt

    Available for the production of conveyor belt selection of domestic industrial polyester filament with ordinary type, high modulus low shrinkage type, low shrinkage type, ordinary activation type and low shrinkage activated type. The use of polyester, weft with nylon conveyor belt core to the elongation is small, weft into a good slot, in foreign countries have a large proportion of China's polyester and nylon woven fabric with the core is also growing. The disadvantage of polyester fiber is the large loss rate of fracture strength, in high temperature steam, especially in the presence of amine will be decomposed, so that its performance decreased.