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Pneumatic Fender Effectively Prevent Sewage And Mud

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 10, 2017

Pneumatic Fender First of all, in all the game stent can not pass the car inspection.

Second, the high-end bike for weight grams of care, every one gram will pay a lot of money.

Remove the foot support and mud, etc., to ensure the safety of riding.

Pneumatic Fender The two items of the brace (the bicycle's own parking bracket) and the mud (mudguard) are dangerous equipment. Many riders do not see these two equipment, the riders will be relentless to say that in this professional! In fact, they said on the half, which is professional. Why do not these two things will be professional? I'm talking about my opinion here!

Remove the foot support and mud, etc. are generally for road vehicles, mountain bike and other high-speed operation and non-normal road off-road vehicles. Foot support and mud is to have their role, foot support can be easy to support the car, mud can effectively prevent the sewage and mud to gradually go to the body, but these two equipment also has its drawbacks and security risks.

Pneumatic Fender Foot support of the drawbacks: the bike support by the foot support is not very solid, we can carefully observe, usually on the road a burst of wind blowing, by the foot support bicycles and even electric cars and motorcycles can not stand a few Not down Then when the vehicle falls, it is likely to damage your car's paint or make part of the parts damaged or even scrap the parts, even without the wind, man-made scratch can also dump your vehicle.

Foot support of the security risks: foot support can be activities, Pneumatic Fender in the bumpy road on the strong vibration of the vehicle is easy to put their feet down, especially long-term use has been loose feet. So that when you turn sideways high-speed corner or when there is a protrusion on the road once the foot support open, foot support is easy to touch the ground and overhead your bike's rear wheel which led to the vehicle out of control and crash.

So I generally do not recommend riders to install foot support, especially like high-speed riding and cross-country riders. When you park, please tilt your vehicle to the left. Note: must be on the left side, because the right side of the vehicle has a fragile rear derailleur, and the vehicle to the left side of the easy to lift your car and from the left side (right hand down? And friends with disc brakes in your car to the left side of the note when the disc does not hit the ground protrusion to prevent the disc by external force deformation.

Mud mud of the drawbacks:

1. Pneumatic Fender mud is a certain area, it will increase the invisible of your vehicle cross-sectional area, thereby increasing the vehicle in the driving wind resistance, leading you to consume more physical strength.

2. Pneumatic Fender The gap between the mud and the wheel is very small, when the vehicle in the wet mud which ride, the wheel with the soil is easy to fill the space and resistance to consumption of the rider's physical strength.

Mud mud of the security risks: the general mud will do thin and wide, the production of materials for steel, aluminum, plastic, resin and other materials with a certain hardness. It's like a knife without a knife. That is to say it is a sharp protrusion on a vehicle. When the rider crash when the car, then the kinetic energy is great, this sharp protrusions in the huge kinetic energy is very easy to break your skin, especially in the summer car faithful are dressed very little, bare body Outside the parts are a lot. My left leg is now there is an early school when the car, by the 22-inch wheel of the front of the stroller left the latent scar.

Station wagon as a slow sports car and more on the road driving can be considered to install the foot and mud, but usually a lot of attention to the status of these two parts to see if the loose to prevent accident!