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Pneumatic Fender How To Install

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 15, 2017

Pneumatic Fender Installing pneumatic fender for the car is very important, windy and rainy days, many owners find that the car is splashed in front of the dirt, very impact on the beautiful car, many owners choose to install a pneumatic fender. However, there are many owners suspected: installed pneumatic fender useful?

Pneumatic Fender is a metal clapboard in front of a motor vehicle or bicycle chegulu, mainly in order to prevent some dirt from splashing on the body or the body, incurring the body or the person is not beautiful.

Pneumatic Fender Xia Dong has the rain season, the pavement muddy, for the car's four-wheel fitted with pneumatic fender is very necessary. Pneumatic Fender is like the eye's eyebrows can protect the car's always security bars are not affected by mud. In addition, the soft pneumatic fender for the rigid line of the bridge increased the gentle nature; the cartoon pneumatic Fender will also increase the abomination of the car. Various types of vehicles are fitted with various types of pneumatic fenders with varying length sizes.

Pneumatic Fender Now we are prompting you, the car in the run time will stone sand and so on hard things to get the car doors, a long time will float paint. And through muddy pavement will dump dirty mud to the door, the installation of pneumatic fender can alleviate the occurrence of this kind of situation, suggest or add to be good.

How to properly install pneumatic fender?

Pneumatic fender can effectively protect the car is not damaged, so the installation of pneumatic Fender is very necessary, if not installed will damage the car is very large, especially in the muddy conditions of work, then must be safe pneumatic fender, so how to properly install it?

Pneumatic Fender The following are:

Installation process requires some skills, such as short of the front of the more good attire, you loaded the front of the words, you install the left, the direction to the left, do not tear down the tire. You'll tear the tires off the rear pneumatic fender. Only the last screw on the line, without punching, in situ installation, the wheels of the large direction easy to install this, not only fast installation, but also the effect.

Pneumatic Fender The main steps are as follows:

1, in the pneumatic fender fittings have a fixed rear pneumatic fender iron clamp, correct alignment screw mouth To install the iron clip

2, the pneumatic fender fixed in the bodywork, with a screwdriver with a plum.

3, the other screws on the inner lining can be screwed.

4, finally also to emphasize, do not unload the tire, the former pneumatic fender to die in the direction of the can.