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Pneumatic Fender Take You To Understand The Development Of Fender

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

At present, most of the domestic use of plastic fenders mainly. The metal fenders are used only on bicycles, motorcycles, small cars and miniature cars. Because the domestic metal manufacturing technology and cost cannot keep up with foreign development. More cost-effective pursuit of low. According to the domestic car use survey found that the overall performance of the car satisfaction. But the quality of the fender is a matter of dissatisfaction. Because most of the use is plastic products. Plastic products Process Simple injection molding and can be molded.Pneumatic Fender

But not the vehicles on the road to the high speed splashing stones, bricks and other unidentified raids. More difficult to withstand severe cold and scorching weather. The concept of foreign ideas and we have a great difference. They see quality as more important than price.Pneumatic Fender As the concept of using crowds shifts towards Western countries. Some people start to pursue their perfection on quality and appearance. Some large-scale car manufacturers are beginning to have a brand meaning, toward the foreign manufacturers, gradually remove the plastic fender began to use metal fender. To do the product well, to make their own characteristics. Details create quality. Quality Achievement price. What's different about the metal fender?Pneumatic Fender ABS Engineering Plastics mechanical properties: Tensile strength/mpa21~63, trailing elongation rate 23~60. Compressive strength/mpa18~70 hardness: 62~121HRR No load maximum use temperature 66~99/℃. New material file Mud board. Mainly heavy trucks, semi-trailer, full trailer, container trucks, vans, flatbed. Tank tanker and a variety of large-scale modified vehicles mainly. New materials have mirror-type stainless steel, aluminum and black paint, such as carbonized steel. Aim to meet user needs.Pneumatic Fender