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Precision Investment Casting Industry To Improve The Level Of Products

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 15, 2017

Precision Investment Casting According to the investment in the casting industry to understand, casting is a modern machinery manufacturing industry, one of the basic process, so the development of the casting industry marks the production of a country's strength. China has now become one of the world's largest casting machinery, casting machinery manufacturing industry in recent years has made great achievements. Analysis on the Investment Prospect of China 's Foundry Industry in.

"Eighth Five-Year Plan" during the casting machinery manufacturing by the original mechanical and electrical department attaches great importance to the country since the founding of the largest special technical loans and research costs, to support the casting machinery industry product development and development. "The manufacture of large-scale shot blasting machine", "vertical type boxless injection molding machine", "water glass sand old sand recycling equipment development", "metal casting equipment" and so on have been developed applications. During the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, the Foundry Machinery Industry undertook and set up the task of "Cargo Casting roughing and efficient modeling and cleaning of complete sets of technology and equipment". The successful development and development of the cylinder continuous high shot blasting line was also successful. , In 1999 completed the national research high level of gas Chong modeling line project success.

During the 10th Five-Year Plan period, Precision Investment Casting the major economic indicators of the foundry industry grew at an average annual rate of more than 30%, higher than the average growth rate of the machine tool industry, especially the profit grew faster and the average annual profit increased by 46% Higher market sales level. In addition, the resin sand casting complete sets of equipment,Precision Investment Casting  can basically meet the domestic market demand, changed the past mainly rely on imports of the situation; has been able to produce a higher level of automatic casting production line, to partially replace the level of imports, part of the solution to the car engine Cylinder, cylinder head and other casting blanks have to import the situation; high-level automatic core machine, automatic casting machine, automatic sand processing machine, large-scale automatic die-casting machine and precision casting equipment casting machinery, the country can basically manufacture The

It should be said that "15" during the casting machinery industry, the product level has been greatly improved for the future of China's foundry machinery industry to lay a good foundation for further development. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the foundry industry in the huge market demand stimulus, will continue to maintain a high rate of growth. As the technical level of casting machinery products is still a big gap with the market demand, so that the development of the industry there is a huge potential for development and expansion of space for the rapid growth of casting machinery industry opportunities.

Casting investment outlook report shows that the global economic crisis has caused a significant decline in China's economy, the current domestic production and sales growth rate fell sharply, stock prices, material and labor costs increased significantly, corporate profits,Precision Investment Casting corporate financial tensions more serious, difficult enterprises The number of enterprises in the eastern region, especially small and medium enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises are facing greater difficulties. As the foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry, due to the consumption of raw materials to non-renewable resources, high energy consumption, governance pollution into large, labor-intensive, especially some of the old state-owned foundry business burden is too heavy, so in this round of economic crisis In the casting industry has become the hardest hit. Another reason the foundry industry is the hardest hit is that it itself is a very low-margin industry, Precision Investment Casting mainly by scale profit, and this industry has just experienced a period of time the impact of high prices of raw materials. High raw material prices make a lot of foundry profits fell sharply, or even by the profit turn losses. Different from other industries, experienced the impact of high prices of raw materials, the vast majority of foundry enterprises have no basic accumulation of profits, but also catch up with the economic crisis, so the production and operation more difficult. Due to the global economic recession, casting exports blocked, weak domestic demand. The current casting market resources are very limited in the process of competing for these market resources, some products of good quality, low cost of the enterprise will win; part of the small size, shortage of funds, and product quality and cost of non-competitive enterprises can only stop production Or semi-discontinued, if the economic crisis time longer, Precision Investment Casting these enterprises can only collapse. By the sharp decline in the price of raw materials, casting products, a comprehensive price reduction is an inevitable trend. At the same time, the price of coke also caused a reduction in melting costs. This account is not only the casting production enterprises clear, casting users will count, so the casting product price wave is inevitable, the key is how we use the wisdom of the enterprise with the user game, in a new round of price negotiations to achieve a win-win situation.