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Precision Investment Casting Take The Details You Know

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

     A qualified stainless steel casting process is obtained in repeated experiments and explorations. Therefore, a perfect process technology flow is the key to produce high quality qualified castings. Process is made by the technical staff, the workers to carry out the implementation of the process staff in the process must be in strict compliance with the process development criteria, by the superior process personnel to carry out meticulous proofreading, can be issued to the hands of the workers to carry out.Precision Investment Casting
     Process design to be fully CAD, it will process design and computer advanced software and hardware technology combined, can assist the process personnel to digitize the process design, reduce the workload, increase the scientific and standardized, to ensure the stability of casting quality. Each process will have many nodes, every a nodes are the key to the production of qualified parts, so every a nodes should be completed after the implementation of the corresponding personnel to check, to ensure that the node is successful, the next node, so if problems can be found in a timely manner, and put forward solutions.Precision Investment Casting
    The quality of the final castings is ensured through the inspection of each of the A nodes. Any technology is not immutable, with the rapid development of science and technology, the requirements of the casting is more and more high, then the process also needs continuous improvement to cope with the continuous improvement of the quality of stainless steel castings demand. One kind is the pearlite heat-resisting steel casting, the material is chromium, molybdenum elements mainly, because this kind of steel in 500~600℃ has good high-temperature strength and process performance, so is widely used in the production of heat-resistant components under 600 ℃, more common is the boiler pipe, turbine impeller, rotor, fasteners and some high-pressure containers, pipelines and so on.Precision Investment Casting
    One is martensitic heat-resisting steel castings, its chromium content is generally 7~13%, about 650 ℃ below can have higher high-temperature strength, anti-oxidation and water vapor corrosion resistance. Because of poor weldability, the application of castings is limited. The other is ferrite steel, it is characterized by more chromium, aluminum, silicon and other elements, so there is good oxidation resistance and high temperature gas corrosion resistance. But the high temperature strength is low, the room temperature brittleness is bigger, the weldability is poor, as the heat resisting steel castings is applied very little.Precision Investment Casting
    In order to prevent the pollution of precision castings, precision castings contain a variety of metal and non-metallic impurities, resulting in loose tissue, high porosity, it is often difficult to ensure the quality of the oxide film. According to the experience of many years, the following methods can be adopted to avoid this problem. Surface polishing method is to grind down the aluminum grinding, filled with the part of the oxidation of the gap, so that the resulting gap connected together, as a bridge role. High voltage large current density impact method. Precision Investment Casting
    That is, in the early stages of the oxidation of precision castings, the use of high-voltage electric shocks, so that the part has been oxidized by electric shocks connected to pieces. Surface shot peening method is to use a round head hammer, tapping the gap, through the beat to make it closed, can reach the purpose of the film. Therefore, in the use of precision castings, when the anodic oxidation film dyeing, the occurrence of white spots. The above methods can help everyone, specifically, which method to avoid the actual problems, it is necessary to see the degree of pollution of the castings.Precision Investment Casting