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Size Part Information Of Inflatable Fender

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

In the assembly process of parts, must first check the key parts of the matching size and shape (especially the need for chamfer, may also have some of the rounded corners of the nose cutter in the processing of the fillet), in order to avoid interference in the assembly. The core is very important in the assembly process, because it is machined at the bottom with 0.2mm allowance to avoid the size requirement during assembly. And after the core assembly, we must measure the actual size of each core, and then wire cutting, processing its bottom shape, so as to ensure that the core assembly in place.Inflatable Fender

The size accuracy of plastic parts depends mainly on the assembly technology requirements, in order to produce high-quality injection molded parts, the mold must be assembled to put forward strict requirements, the mold assembly technology requirements are as follows. The parallel degree deviation between the mold type surface and the mounting plane or the support surface is not greater than 0 within the 200mm length. When the mould is installed on the injection machine, the fractal surface should be kept in good closed state. Allowed with no more than 0.03mm clearance (except for exhaust slots).Inflatable Fender

Molded inserts and gate system parts of the fractal surface is not allowed below the template fractal surface, its height should not be greater than 0.1mm. The vertical deviation of the axis of the guide pillar and the guide sleeve in the plane of the template is less than 0 within 200mm. 03mm. The various parts of the mould should be flexible after assembling, and when the hand is applied at room temperature, the interrelated active parts should not produce the phenomenon of sticking. The top bar allows the molding surface to be higher than 0.1mm, the reset rod should be in contact with the fixed die type surface, allowing less than 0.05mm.Inflatable Fender

The push rod should rotate flexibly in the push rod fixing plate, allowing its axial channeling momentum not greater than 0.05mm. The exhaust groove set on the mould should be drawn in a zigzag shape, and its depth in 0.1mm~0.15mm, it is strictly prohibited to direct the exhaust trough from the cavity to the operator's side. The runner should be smoothly connected, the mosaic should be closed, the draft angle ≥5°, the surface roughness is less than Ra0.4μm.Inflatable Fender