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Structural Design Of Pneumatic Fender

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

This paper expounds the structural Design essentials and working process of the two-plate latent gate injection mould, and makes the service life and reliability of the die greatly improved by using typical core structure and multi spring top-out reset system. Through the continuous optimization of processing technology, control of machining precision and improvement of the die-casting technology in practice, the timing and the manufacturing cycle of die are greatly shortened, the labor productivity is improved and the manufacturing cost of die is reduced.Pneumatic Fender

Considering the machining process and the latent gate of the moving and fixed mould core, the reasonable placement of the gating system will not affect the dimensional precision and appearance of the plastic parts, avoid the flying edge, but also make the plastic intact, which is advantageous to the demoulding, and makes the plastic parts remain in the movable mode, which is convenient for the plastic parts.Pneumatic Fender In the assembly process of parts, must first check the key parts of the matching size and shape (especially the need for chamfer, may also have some of the rounded corners of the nose cutter in the processing of the fillet), in order to avoid interference in the assembly. The core is very important in the assembly process, because it is machined at the bottom with 0.2mm allowance to avoid the size requirement during assembly. And after the core assembly, we must measure the actual size of each core, and then wire cutting, processing its bottom shape, so as to ensure that the core assembly in place.Pneumatic Fender

The Assembly of the movable die core is positioned with the slant of the datum angle diagonally, but not the face position, because it is not good to measure the actual processing allowance of the core, and it is difficult to control the machining accuracy in two times. Therefore, the remainder is left completely in the taper section of the front end of the wedge, which not only eliminates the allowance on the Taper section, but also moves and sets the die core assembly in place to avoid the dislocation. Movable sleeve plate, fixed die core assembly with 0.5mm clearance to facilitate detection of dynamic, fixed die core is fully assembled in place, at the same time conducive to exhaust. Other parts of the mold process according to the conventional process can be.Pneumatic Fender