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The Basic Structure Of The Mould Fabrication

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

              Although there are many types of stamping dies, any one of the stamping dies is made up of two parts, the upper die and the lower die. The upper die is mounted on the sliding block of the press by a mold handle or a upper die seat, which can move up and down with the slider, and is the active part of the die, and the lower die is fixed on the press worktable or the plate by the lower die seat, which is the fixed part of the die. The compound die of punching washer with complete parts is shown.Mould Fabrication

              1, the composition of the upper die: The upper die by the mold handle 8, upper die block 7, plate 6, Convex mold fixed plate 5, punching punch 1, blanking concave die 2, push piece device (batter Rod 9, push Board 10, connecting push rod 11 and push block 12 constitute), guide sleeve 4 and joint screws and pins and other components.

             2, the composition of the lower die: The lower die by the punch and die 16, unloading device (by unloading plate 15, unloading screw 21, Spring 22 composition), guide material pins 14 and 20, block pin 13, convex and die fixed plate 17, plate 18, lower die seat 19, guide Pillar 3 and joint screws and pins and other components.Mould Fabrication

             3, working principle: When working, the bar material along the guide material pin 14, 20 to the stop material pin 13 position, start the press, the upper die with the sliding block downward movement, with a sharp edge of the punching Punch 1, blanking concave die 2 and concave and convex die 161 through the bar material to make the workpiece and punching scrap and the separation of the strip to complete the blanking work. When the slip is driven upward, the unloading device will be removed from the strip on the concave and convex die, and the push device will be pushed on the lower die surface between the blanking die and the punch punch (that is, the hoop is punched on the punch punch) and the punching scrap in the concave-convex die is rolled out from the concave and convex die in the punching process in successive blanking. After the workpiece which is pushed down on the lower mould is removed, the next stamping cycle can be carried out.Mould Fabrication