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The Main Role Of The Pneumatic Fender

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

      Fender is the plate structure which is installed behind the outer frame of the wheel, usually made of high quality rubber material, also has the use of engineering plastics. Fenders are usually mounted on a metal bezel behind a bicycle or motor vehicle chegulu, a cowhide bezel, a plastic bezel, and a rubber bezel.Pneumatic Fender
     Rubber fenders are also known as retaining mud rubber sheets; Road Vehicles (automobiles, tractors, loaders, etc.) when traveling to block the mud splashing rubber  plate; Generally is the pure rubber product, also may use the rubber, the plastics and the plastic material manufacture; Has a good anti-aging performance, often used in various vehicles in the rear part of the wheel. Plastic bezel As the name suggests, made of plastic fender, low price hardness easily broken. Spray-painted fender is plastic fender spray on the paint fender, in fact, as with plastic fender, but the color matching with the body's perfect integration, the overall more beautiful.Pneumatic Fender
     The car fender, as the name suggests, is the role of retaining mud. It was installed behind the four tires of the car. The front two are fixed in the left and right lower sills, and the back two are fixed on the rear bumper (the general model is like this). In fact, in 4s shop, they are responsible for the installation, the market or online to buy the installation instructions. After the installation of the effect is, fender than the body protruding around 5cm, fender of the important role is such a 5cm action, this 5cm effective to prevent the flying stones and gravel to hurt the body's paint surface. In addition, the role of the car fender is to increase the overall aesthetics of the body. This is also the reason for many car owners to install fender.Pneumatic Fender
     The main purpose is to prevent some dirt from splashing on the body or person, causing the body or the person to be unsightly. Can prevent dirt from splashing onto the lever, causing premature rust on the ball head. Pneumatic Fender
     The car fender also has a role, the car easily in the tire seam entrainment small stones, speed too fast easily jilt in the body, the car outside the paint. Equipped with a fender of the vehicle, can prevent splash of dirt, etc., so can greatly reduce the number of car wash, even if you want to wash the car, it is easier to clean the body. As well, if there is no time to brake, rain and snow will not spill to passers-by to cause a dispute or misunderstanding.Pneumatic Fender