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The Necessity Of Pneumatic Fender

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

   I do not know if you have found this car is very easy to dirty, do not know if it is not 19-inch tires. Feeling very high from the ground. Especially after the buttocks feel very Alice As long as the road is wet, run more than 60 yards on the dirty car. Speed is not very fast, the car than I run fast, people have not seen more dirty car. Feeling this car is not a design flawed, behind the license plate after the windshield is dirty, side front and rear doors, pedals are dirty and rearview mirror above. The front is dirty to the lights fog lights finished. I feel more dirty than any other car. There was a fender behind the car, but it was too high to feel no effect. Ask you have no way to solve. Is it useful to add fender before and after

    General new car friends, when buying a car will probably meet the salesman recommended to install the car fender situation. So what is the use of car fender in the end it? Is it necessary to install it? Here I generally explain to you about the author.Pneumatic Fender

Car fender as the name suggests is the role of mud. It is installed behind the four tires of the car. The front two are fixed on the left and right sill, and the latter two are fixed on the rear bumper (the general is the one). In fact, in the 4s shop to buy, they are responsible for the installation, the market or online to buy the installation instructions. After the installation of the effect is that the fender than the body protruding about 5cm, the important role of the fender is the role of this 5cm, which 5cm effectively prevent the flying stones and gravel wounded body paint.

In addition, the role of the car fender is to increase the overall beauty of the body. This is also a lot of car owners installed car fender reasons.Pneumatic Fender

1, the main role is to prevent some of the soil splashed on the body or person, resulting in body or personal beauty.

2, can prevent the soil splashing to the rod, the ball leading to premature rust.

3, car with a fender there is a role, the car easily in the tire seam entrainment of small stones, too fast easy to throw in the body, collapse off the car paint.Pneumatic Fender