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The Status Quo Of Precision Investment Casting Enterprise Market

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

    Precision investment casting is one of the main methods to obtain the rough of mechanical products, is an important basis for the machinery manufacturing industry, occupies a very important position in the national economy. In many machinery, casting weight accounted for a high proportion of the weight of the whole machine: 80% of internal combustion engine, 65% -80% of tractors, hydraulic parts, pump machinery 50% -60%.Precision Investment Casting

    As the pillar industry of our country is the development of the automobile industry its heart part of the engine key parts such as cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, cylinder, piston, intake pipe, exhaust pipe and other eight pieces are almost all made by casting ; Metallurgical, mining, power plants and other major key equipment demand for high-quality large-scale castings Another national economy infrastructure and people's lives also need a lot of castings, water (gas) pipes need a variety of high toughness ductile iron pipe.Precision Investment Casting

    According to incomplete statistics, China's casting enterprises about 24000, compared with the developed countries, low degree of specialization, low degree of concentration, labor productivity is low. The overall status of 2016 countries around the equipment manufacturing industry, "adjustment and revitalization", "independent innovation" and other aspects of the introduction of a series of policies, which for the bearing casting industry to provide a sustainable development of the policy environment; national strategic development of new industries And a series of policies for the development of high-grade bearings provides a new opportunity.Precision Investment Casting

   China's foundry industry is facing the main problem: the casting industry is still a large number of backward production capacity, most areas of overcapacity intensified, a few areas of key castings can not meet the host requirements, quality and brand awareness is not strong, extensive development mode is not fundamentally changed. Casting industry standard system does not meet the needs of the market economy, vocational education and training system is not suited to the needs of the development of the industry. Overall, 2016 years, the foundry industry in the country, the international market demand will steadily increase. However, the casting industry also ushered in the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the critical period. Enterprises must accelerate the transformation of development in order to compete in the market in a dominant position.Precision Investment Casting