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Understanding Marine Rubber Fenders

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Marine rubber fenders are one of the world's leading marine anti-collision devices. It is made of synthetic wire reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air floating on the water surface as a protective medium. Therefore, marine rubber fenders are used as an important protective medium to prevent collisions when transporting and mooring operations.

Marine rubber fenders absorb a large amount of energy, reducing the unit pressure acting on the ship's surface. This advantage has made the marine ball has become an ideal ship protection device and is widely used in large oil tankers, liquefied petroleum gas carriers, offshore platforms, bulk carriers, floating structures, large terminals, ports and terminals.

Marine rubber fender advantage

●More safe and reliable

●The most cost-effective system

●Minimum mooring force

●The advantage of reducing shear force

●Adapt to tides

●Simple installation and low cost

●Low maintenance costs

●There are a variety of optional accessories

Marine rubber fenders are suitable for many applications, including:

1. Large oil tankers, gas carriers and bulk carriers 2. Fast ferries and aluminum shells 3. Temporary permanent facilities 4. Rapid response and emergency protection 5. As a spare ball, it can be adjusted with shore facilities Ship.