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What Are The Points Of Attention In The Transportation Of Boat Rubber Fenders

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Because the boat rubber fender is a special item, there are many situations that need to be paid attention to during transportation. For example, the first thing to pay attention to when transporting is to ensure that no heavy objects are pressed. These products are above, and generally speaking, such products are available in two different modes of transport.

One is to directly transport the produced rubber fender products directly to the dock, and then inflate them before installing them on the vessel. This is convenient and convenient for transportation, but it will increase relatively. Some trouble with the installation.

Another method of transporting rubber fenders for ships is to directly transport the products that have been inflated, or can be directly installed and used, by car transportation. After being sent to the dock, people only need to pick them up directly to the ship. Installed, it has a higher difficulty in transportation, but it will save a lot of time when installing.

These different methods can be selected and used according to their actual conditions and conditions. I believe that this can also bring you some very good results, so that everyone can have better in these aspects. The transport function, and also allows the vessel to be well fendered.