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What Is A Marine Rubber Airbag, What Is The Use?

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: Aug 10, 2018

As a professional terminology and professional products, rubber airbags are not very familiar to those who are new to the industry. Here, the basic knowledge of rubber airbags is well described.

Rubber airbag, also known as concrete precast hollow panel rubber inflatable core mould, bridge inflatable core membrane, rubber inner mould. It is mainly used for pouring forming and ship engineering of post-tensioned beam of concrete for pre-tensioning of highway bridges. It was also adopted by the culvert sewage project. The rubber airbag is an expandable and contractible cylindrical bag for forming a cavity of a concrete member. When manufacturing the hollow member, the rubber airbag is placed in the middle and filled with compressed air, and the rubber airbag is contracted and can be emptied from the air. A rubber balloon is withdrawn from the cavity. The rubber airbag is easy to use, economical and durable, and can be softly shrunk without being inflated. It can be folded, curled, and inflated with sufficient strength to withstand the pressure of the concrete, which is unmatched by any conventional rigid template. Suitable for reinforced concrete members, including piles, roof trusses, roof slab columns, beams, construction projects, water conservancy projects (ships, slipways, docks).

After most engineering practice, the rubber airbag has been proved by many engineering construction practices that the rubber airbag drilling process equipment is simple, not only saves materials, but also has the characteristics of various shapes of rubber airbags, which can be round, oval, rectangular, arch. Aperture, octagon, trapezoidal and other apertures. It can also be a straight hole, a variable cross-section hole (positive change and ramp change), etc., which can make the building structure lighter and thinner hollow beam plate, and change the concrete performance to always use the rigid formwork.