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Yokohama Fender Timely Clean Up

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 10, 2017

Yokohama Fender Winter encountered snow and ice weather is normal, especially in the face of this year's tyrannical cold, so that almost rarely snow in the southern region also began to snow. This rain and snow weather on the snow road driving experience of the southern driver is a challenge for novice friends is also a challenge. Although the car, but it can only put it at home, not out on the road situation is not uncommon. In fact, snow and ice slippery is not terrible, you may need to get some snow and ice driving details, dry goods in this, hesitate to take away.

Soft start and use the body to stabilize the system

Yokohama Fender Ice and snow pavement easy to make vehicle tires slippery, so often start a lot more difficult than usual. In fact, there are some know-how, if there is TCS or TRC, ASR and other traction control system vehicles, we must remember to open these buttons. This is done smoothly because the vehicle can automatically adjust according to the specific situation of the wheel slip, that is, by reducing the throttle opening to reduce the engine power or by the brake control wheel slip to achieve the control of the car traction. There are ESP body stability system vehicles, must remember to open this function, it is more than traction control to protect our safety.

The steering wheel is the key to smooth progress

Snow and ice steering wheel to master the know-how, first of all do not beat the steering wheel, turn as much as possible around the big circle, Yokohama Fender followed by if there is a side slip phenomenon, must not panic, sharp corner may not be easy to brake, Downgrade control speed is the most reasonable way. If you run into the vehicle out of control slip, it is necessary to turn the direction of the steering wheel steering wheel to correct the vehicle trajectory, the direction of the angle must not be too violent.

Temporarily clean the ice between the tires and the fender

Yokohama Fender Vehicles walking in the snow and ice for some time, the most easy between the fender and tires mixed with ice and snow, many people do not care, that clean up no use, anyway, there must be on the road. In fact, if we can advance or not from time to time to clean up, you can reduce the chances of tire slippage, can also contribute to the brake.

Try not to overtake, the car should be careful

Ice and snow on the road is best not to overtake, followed by caution in front of the car. Because the front of the car has been rolled out of the ice rut, so be more extra careful! It is best to let the ice rut between the two rounds around. If you want to overtake must change the lane, do not hurry to the steering wheel, slowly out of the ice and then go over. But also pay attention to observe the way to change the distance before and after the lane, you can overtake, turn on the turn signal, see the corresponding direction of the rearview mirror, Yokohama Fender to confirm when there is no danger to change the lane.

When the car should pay attention to the other side, as much as possible to keep some of the distance between the two cars, the car will have to control the speed, try not to brake when the car. If the other vehicle is too close to us, should use flashing lights or honking way to remind the other driver.