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YT Machine Parts Customize Improve Its Reliability And Maintainability

Yutung Industrial Limited | Updated: May 15, 2017

YT Machine Parts Customize With the improvement of customer demand and the shortening of product lead time, mass customization (MC) this customer-driven production model has become the mainstream of the 21st century production. Large-scale customization of the enterprise resource reuse put forward higher requirements, that is not easy to redesign new parts, as much as possible to reuse existing parts or on the basis of existing parts of the variant, so that can reduce the number of parts, Reduce the internal diversity of products in the customization process, improve their reliability and maintainability, but also shorten the time to market, optimize the design process of product development designers, to the greatest extent possible to meet customer needs. To achieve a high degree of reuse of parts, we must establish a perfect component classification coding system for designers to provide effective means of retrieval. Therefore, how to effectively implement the classification and coding of the parts and components of manufacturing enterprises has become one of the research priorities in recent years.

YT Machine Parts Customize Many scholars have done a lot of research on the classification methods, classification models and classification algorithms of parts. NIKOLAUS and so on introduced with the ISO13584 standard compatible, based on the characteristics of the product classification method, Li Lingfeng based on mathematical statistics theory of mechanical parts classification and coding for quantitative analysis of the method. FETTKE and so introduced a systematic classification method, put forward the classification reference model, YT Machine Parts Customize Ma Jun ontology technology into the process of resource classification, put forward based on the ontology of the general classification of spare parts model. GRESKA and so on proposed for the flake metal parts of the Fourier descriptor and neural network combination classification algorithm, BRAGLIA and so on based on the decision tree and analytic hierarchy process multi-attribute classification method. But most of the methods are difficult to meet the new requirements of mass custom production mode, and most focus on theoretical research, the operational staff is not strong. Therefore, this paper proposes a classification coding method suitable for mass customization production mode, and elaborates a set of operational parts coding and coding steps.

Requirements for Component Classification and Coding in Mass Customized Production

YT Machine Parts Customize The classification and coding of the parts and components of the manufacturing enterprise is a technology related to the globalization of enterprise information. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the status quo, product characteristics and data model of the enterprise before the work is carried out. Mass customization is based on the efficiency of mass production in response to the diversification and customization of the market, the need for fast and accurate parts of the search and reuse. Therefore, we should select a set of coding and coding schemes suitable for satisfying the reuse requirements in mass customization mode, which can facilitate the storage and retrieval of data and improve the efficiency of management. At present, the common coding scheme mainly has the subordinate coding scheme and the parallel coding scheme, YT Machine Parts Customize as shown in Fig. The main feature of the membership code is that it can reflect as much as possible the management information related to the parts, such as the relationship between the structure and the stage information, and so on. The use of the parts can be easily obtained. But this code is only suitable for manual management, YT Machine Parts Customize do not have classified information, the design staff is difficult to retrieve a similar class of parts; not easy to handle the computer when the parts reuse, so that there are constantly new parts are designed, Directly lead to the generation and management of the cost increase; the product model to achieve the borrowing of parts of the situation is more time, whether it is to use the change number, or borrow the invariant number, are likely to cause management confusion.