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rubber airbag China

  • Rotating Rubber Fender

    Contact NowRotating Rubber FenderRotating Rubber Fender Feature 1.Roller type rubber fender main character:fender can roll with fender remove,and generate a certain deformation. 2.Roller type fender mainly used in dock,water lock,different limitation water chanel,and dock,sticking out corner etc....Read More

  • Cylindrical Rubber Fenders

    Contact NowCylindrical Rubber FendersCylindrical Rubber Fenders Feature of cylindrical rubber fenders: 1.Low reaction force, less surface pressure, reasonable energy absorption. 2.The simple figure of the cylindrical rubber fenders are easy to be installed and maintained. 3.Widely used in shipping and...Read More

  • D Rubber Fender

    Contact NowD Rubber FenderD Rubber Fender Feature: 1.With reasonable reaction it may absorb more energy than of cylindric type. 2.Convenient in installing. 3.D rubber fender is usually used for docks of frame work type and ships due to the small size of its bottom width. Specification of D...Read More

  • Pneumatic Rubber Fender With Tire And Chain Net

    Contact NowPneumatic Rubber Fender With Tire And Chain Netpneumatic rubber fender with tire and chain net Yutung industrial is a promising pneumatic wheel fender distributor integrating almost all kinds of marine fender resources in China. The company can provide clients' total solution and door to door service. Our...Read More

  • Reformed Rubber Elevator Belt

    Contact NowReformed Rubber Elevator BeltFEATURES Additional wear resistant fabric is added onto the bottom rubber which is the driven side of the belt to increase belt life. Well suited to grain handling industry.Read More

  • Salvage Airbag

    Contact NowSalvage Airbag1. The standard specification of lift air bags(launch bag). You can choose the required diameter and effective length to meet your projects. 1) Diameter (D) : It is from 0.8m to 2.0m. 2) Effective Length (EL): It is from 6m to 18m . 3) Total Length (TL): It...Read More

  • Extruded Rubber Fender

    Contact NowExtruded Rubber FenderWe could manufacture as per clients' drawing. Many kinds of extruded rubber, rubber strip, rubber packing, hatch cover etc. Marine fender from Yutung industrial, your best choice.Read More

  • GD Rubber Fender

    Contact NowGD Rubber FenderFeature: 1. The performance of reaction force and energy absorption is higher than type D; 2. It can be installed firmly and is in long service life; 3. It is usually suitable for the frame type harbor.Read More

  • FRASOR Rubber Elevator Belt

    Contact NowFRASOR Rubber Elevator BeltFEATURES • Laminar construction. It consists of EP carcass and special cover rubber. Manufactured by sulfuration. • available in normal rubber, flame retardant, anti-static and oil resistant belt options.Read More

  • Marine Rubber Airbag

    Contact NowMarine Rubber AirbagMarine Rubber Airbag Construction Features: Launching / Landing Airbags(marine rubber airbag), basic body consists of rubber layers, synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber layers, are kind of a cylindrical rubber airbags with hemispherical heads at the both ends. All of...Read More