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uhmwpe bar

  • Impact Bar

    Contact NowImpact BarUsed in the conveyor loading points or transfer points to replace traditional cushion rollers. It's designed to absorb impact loading and help eliminate spillage and scattering of the products.Read More

  • UHMWPE Fender Panel

    Contact NowUHMWPE Fender PanelDimension of our fender panels mould : 1020 X 4100 X (5~70)mm, 1260 X 2050 X (5~110)mm, 3720 X 1240 X (5~70)mm. We can produce the color and dimension of the fender panels according to the requirement and drawing of customer.Read More


    Contact NowUHMWPEAPPLICATIONS: Flow promotion liners Wear strips Vent and filter plates Trough liners Guide rails and roller hopper linersRead More