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  • Elevator Bolt

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    Elevator Bolt

    FEATURES • With 2 fangs on the head for better biting into the belt,to prevent from rotation when tightening. • Available in Carbon Steel(Galvanized).Read More

  • PVC Elevator Belt

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    PVC Elevator Belt

    PVC elevator belt has a durable right woven polyester carcass that is co-extruded with a blue PVC covering both top and bottom. No dimension occurs under normal operating conditions. PVC Belt has better characteristics of resistance to oils and some solvents, wear resistance and mildew resistance.Read More

  • FRASOR Rubber Elevator Belt

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    FRASOR Rubber Elevator Belt

    FEATURES • Laminar construction. It consists of EP carcass and special cover rubber. Manufactured by sulfuration. • available in normal rubber, flame retardant, anti-static and oil resistant belt options.Read More

  • Reformed Rubber Elevator Belt

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    Reformed Rubber Elevator Belt

    FEATURES Additional wear resistant fabric is added onto the bottom rubber which is the driven side of the belt to increase belt life. Well suited to grain handling industry.Read More

  • EP Conveyor Belt

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    EP Conveyor Belt

    FEATURES The carcass consists of Terylene fabric in warp and Polyamide in weft. High tensile strength, good resistance to fatigue, low elongation rate in warp, good through-forming ability in weft, etc.Read More

  • Nylon Conveyor Belt

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    Nylon Conveyor Belt

    APPLICATIONS: • Widely used for medium and long distance, heavy-duty transportation of materials. • Suitable for both loose and compacted minerals.Read More

  • Cotton Conveyor Belt

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    Cotton Conveyor Belt

    BELT TYPES Belt types include normal, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, cold resistant and anti-static gradesRead More

  • Pattern Conveyor Belt

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    Pattern Conveyor Belt

    TECHNICAL DATA Standard: In accordance to ISO/FDIS 14890: 1999 Adhesion StrengthRead More

  • Cold Resistant Belt

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    Cold Resistant Belt

    The carcass is made from Polyester fabric, Nylon fabric, Cotton fabric, or Terylene and Cotton fabric, etc.Read More

  • Heat Resistant And High Temperature Resistant Belt

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    Heat Resistant And High Temperature Resistant Belt

    Suitable for using in the field of metallurgy industry and construction where there is the need to conveyor hot materials such as sinter, coke, cement clinker as well as numerous other industries that need High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belting.Read More

  • Acid Alkali Resistant Belt

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    Acid Alkali Resistant Belt

    APPLICATIONS Perfectly suited to materials transportation that contains weak acid or alkali based chemicals such as those found in chemical plants, fertilizer plants, paper mills and many more.Read More

  • Oil Resistant Belt

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    Oil Resistant Belt

    Main applications are vegetable oil processing plant, petroleum scoria plants and mineral sands plants, or any other applications where oil based materials need to be transported.Read More