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  • D Type Plastic Bucket

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    D Type Plastic Bucket

    FEATURES Deep bottom bucket for agriculture use. Thicker leading edges for incresed abrasion resistance Reinforced ribs for greater structural integrity Optimum discharge angle Large water level for higher capacity Ideal for handling grains, feeds, fertilizers, seeds, salt and chemicals, etc.Read More

  • M Type Plastic Bucket

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    M Type Plastic Bucket

    USING RECOMMENDATIONSM-type-using-recommendation-300x127.jpg Minimum bucket spacing: bucket depth "C" +5mm. For engineering purposes,we recommend using "(Z-Y) +10%" for usable capacity. Mounting holes can be customized on request. Venting holes are available in 5 patterns on requestRead More

  • S Type Plastic Bucket

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    S Type Plastic Bucket

    ELEVATOR BUCKETSElevator-Buckets.jpg ·Over 12 different elevator bucket styles are available for agricultural and industrial applications. ·A direct replacement for many other international brands. ·Unique elevator bucket design with multiple patents.Read More

  • EU Type Plastic Bucket

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    EU Type Plastic Bucket

    HDPE: Tough and flexible, suitable for handling grains, foodstuffs, and other products with no sharp edges and material that has a bulk density of less than 1g/cm³ .Read More

  • DS Type Plastic Bucket

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    DS Type Plastic Bucket

    A venting bucket can improve the efficiency of some bucket elevators when handling certain products. On dense materials such as lour, meals, and mash feeds, the vents allow air to escape through the cup as it fills, which permits the cup to fill more completely.Read More

  • DQ Type Plastic Bucket

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    DQ Type Plastic Bucket

    We have four standard patterns available which offer varying amounts of air release for the handling of most products. Custom venting is available upon request.Read More

  • DW Type Plastic Bucket

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    DW Type Plastic Bucket

    FEATURES • Bottomless elevator Buckets for agricultural use. • An assembly of several bottomless elevator buckets and one bucket with bottom is installed at a close spacing on the belt. This will allow materials to be conveyed continuously allowing larger capacity.Read More

  • DM Type Plastic Bucket

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    DM Type Plastic Bucket

    On extremely light materials such as alfalfa meal, screenings and bran, a vented bucket not only minimizes blowing of the product during loading and discharge, but also reduces air turbulence in the leg as the bucket travels empty down the return side of the elevator.Read More

  • DH Type Plastic Bucket

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    DH Type Plastic Bucket

    Nylon:High impact and abrasion resistance, better heat resistance and are well suited for handling hot, abrasive and sticky products.Read More

  • AA Type Plastic Bucket

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    AA Type Plastic Bucket

    Mild Steel: General purpose, long life, well suited to agricultural and industrial products. Stainless Steel: Food grade, corrosive resistance, suitable for food and high temperature applications.Read More

  • DL Type Plastic Bucket

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    DL Type Plastic Bucket

    Actual dimensions of the buckets will vary slightly depending on specified raw material. The dimensions shown above are for PP buckets. Size A, B and C for Nylon buckets will be about dimensionally 2% larger than PP buckets.Read More

  • SS Type Steel Bucket

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    SS Type Steel Bucket

    Some Models subject to availability. Steel elevator buckets are supplied complete with standard recessed holes. Special drilling is available on request.Read More

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