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  • Polyurethane Foam Fender

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    Polyurethane Foam Fender

    This combination of materials enables extremely high compressive stresses to be absorbed, coupled with low reaction forces.Fenders are unsinkable. In the event of rupture of the outer skin, the closed cell property of the Baltec memory flexible foam seals off water ingress. The outer shin can be...Read More

  • EVA Fender

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    EVA Fender

    Characteristically Foam Fenders have a high energy absorption compared to their reactive load meaning they are ideal for existing structures and certain hull types such as catamarans and cruise ships.Read More

  • Air Bag For Shipping

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    Air Bag For Shipping

    Yutung's factory is the inventor of first marine airbag, and sets the standard in the industry for high performance and usage technology. Now, marine airbag (Intense pneumatic tire) are widely used in ship launching and landing, sunken ships salvage and refloatation, heavy lifting and conveying.Read More

  • Salvage Airbag

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    Salvage Airbag

    1. The standard specification of lift air bags(launch bag). You can choose the required diameter and effective length to meet your projects. 1) Diameter (D) : It is from 0.8m to 2.0m. 2) Effective Length (EL): It is from 6m to 18m . 3) Total Length (TL): It is from 7m to 19.5mRead More

  • Underwater Lift Bag

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    Underwater Lift Bag

    This kind of underwater lift bag can replace wooden core mold when pouring air-core reinforced concrete prefabricated parts.Read More

  • Cylindrical Fender

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    Cylindrical Fender

    Feature of cylindrical rubber fender: 1. Low reaction force, less surface pressure, reasonable energy absorption. 2. The simple figure of the cylindrical rubber fender is easy to be installed and maintained. 3. Widely used in shipping and docks. 4. Good adaptability for...Read More

  • Cell Fender

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    Cell Fender

    Feature of cell fender 1.Reasonable structure, high performance and good durability. 2.With angular, and little influence of anchoring. 3.Usually suitable for large and middle oil, coal, ore docks.Read More

  • D Fender

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    D Fender

    Feature of fender-d: 1. With reasonable reaction it may absorb more energy than of cylindric type. 2. Convenient in installing. 3. fender-d is usually used for docks of frame work type and ships due to the small size of its bottom width.Read More

  • Arch Fender

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    Arch Fender

    Arch Fender Feature 1. High energy absorption and low reaction force. 2. Reasonable Structure and long useful life. 3. Arch fender can be installed firmly and replaced easily.Read More

  • Tugboat Fender

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    Tugboat Fender

    These tugboat fender is easy to install and dismantle with users friendly fixtures, tool tackles. It is very popular with small port craft owners and tug owners.Read More

  • Square Fender

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    Square Fender

    Feature of square fenders: The kind of square fenders are applicable for various docks, quays and ships.Read More

  • Cone Fender

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    Cone Fender

    As a kind of over 10 year aged products, the cone type rubber fender(cone fender) is becoming a trend of quay design, and becoming a new level for quay wall fender design.Read More

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